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During a mother and daughter's move to a life of paradise in Florida after earning a great promotion, news breaks of an imminent collision with an Earth-destroying asteroid. (Short Film)

Directed and written by Barry Worthington.
Rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America.

"Worthington...tells a sweet story of a mother and daughter’s broken relationship and the strong bond of family." "...a Bummer that's worth your time."

- Alan Ng, Managing Editor of Film Threat

"It’s hard to imagine a powerful message in just 13 minutes, but that’s exactly what Barry Worthington (Writer, Director and Editor) set out to do – and accomplished – in BUMMER."

- Take 2 Indie Review

"...easily recommended."

- IndyRed

Los Angeles Film Awards Review, extended excerpts: "Bummer is a minimalistic film about a mother-daughter relationship. It presents a very dramatic inciting incident (the end of the world), while other plot points are simpler and smaller. Given that this is a short film that crosses multiple genres, it works well." "The performances are solid and natural, and it's easy to connect to both characters. The ongoing conflict between them creates curiosity for the next scenes."


"We loved the positive message of the film: Sooner or later, we won't be here anymore. Let's take advantage of the limited time we have left here to love and be close to our loved ones, without being too judgmental about them."


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Barry Worthington

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Barry Worthington.

Barry Worthington Portrait by Heather La

Read the Los Angeles Film Awards Interview with


Barry Worthington.

Barry Worthington with Hope Perry and Ma

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