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Milestone Passed: 100 Official Selections, Awards, & Honors for Limitless Films / Barry Worthington

March 19, 2019

With Bummer making the Official Selection of the Maryland Independent Film Festival in March 2019, as of today the films of Barry Worthington through Limitless Films, LLC with collaborators have earned 100 Official Selections, Awards, and Honors. The short films that have earned the accolades are Bummer, Corrosion, The Infinitely Generous Francis Victus, Sponge, Tanzanite, Hollywood Trash, Kin, and River Haven. The accolades come from film festivals and organizations around the world since Limitless Films, LLC was founded in August 2010. These accolades can be found in the About section of this website. Thanks to all who have made this possible, and all for your support.

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