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International Accolades for "Prove"!

As of now, Barry's newest short film Prove has earned 5 accolades from around the world, including from the Tokyo Film Awards with an Honorable Mention, an Official Selection at the 11th Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival, a Finalist at the Central Florida CineFest, an Official Selection of the Anaheim International Film Festival, and of course the World Premiere screening as an Official Selection of the Berkeley Springs Film Festival!

This is the 10th time a film of Barry's has made an Official Selection to screen in India, and the 17th accolade a film of Barry's has earned at a film festival there!

Additionally, Prove has received recognition in Tokyo, Japan, at the Tokyo Film Awards! This is the first recognition a film of Barry's has earned at a film festival in Japan, earning an Honorable Mention!

"One of the reasons opportunities like these are so important to me is that ever since I was a child, one of my goals has been to make films that reach well beyond the borders of where I live. I believe that film is a way for people around the whole world to connect with each other despite all kinds of borders. I’m thankful my work gets to be a part of that." - from Barry.



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